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What is SMEsouk and what are its benefits?

What are the special deals that I can avail through SMEsouk?

How can I register for Webinars and Events listed on the SMEsouk platform?

I am unable to view deals , News or Webinars & Events without registering?

I have already registered in SMEsouk but have forgotten my login credentials

I already have RAKBANK Digital Banking access, can I access SMEsouk using it?

Why do I need to share my trade license, company date of incorporation and my business info for registration?

Will my mobile number, email , and business info would be shared with third parties?

I have registered with a non-UAE mobile number and did not receive the OTP via phone, why?

I need to set up a new business, can I get support in acquiring a Trade License?

Can I access my digital banking through the SMEsouk platform?

Why can't I view my account balance and transactions for my RAKBANK Account?

Where can I get more details about my RAKBANK Account?

How can I open a Business Banking Account?

How can I apply for a Business Loan/Business Finance?

Are there any fees or charges applicable for registration on SMEsouk?

Will I be required to share my account information, card details or PIN code anywhere on the SMEsouk platform?

How can I register and log in to the SMEsouk platform?

Where can I find more information regarding the listed partners?

Can I list my business on the SMESouk Marketplace?

How can I become one of the SMESouk partners?

I would like to know more about your digital products.

Is SMEsouk managed by RAKBANK?

Can I get more information about the Merchant Acquiring facility?

Can I register all my companies using the same email and mobile number?

I do not have a bank account in the UAE, would I still be able to register on SMEsouk?

Where can I raise my personal feedback to complaint?

How do I avail the promo I received by mail?

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